Monday, June 28, 2010

Surtex 2010

Cindy Ann setting up her booth.

Side angle

Product corner...birdhouses!

In May Dominick and I traveled north to New York to assist our good friend Cindy Ann Ganaden set up her booth for the Surtex licensing show. While there, I planned to do some research in the market. Licensing is an area of illustration that I never really looked at. It is a very lucrative market and has a diverse amount of artwork that can be used on products from paper plates to curtains. This was a convention for artists to show their designs to companies who produce products. So think Target. A large portion of the art you see on gift, bath, bedding, baby products comes from freelance artists.

Cindy flew in from Oakland and carted all her materials with her. Printouts to wall fabric she decked out the booth with flip flops, binders and mobiles. To my surprise we were located catty corner to Megan Halsey. It was quite a wonderful experience and a great avenue of illustration to pursue.

Cindy recently contacted me to fill me in on some of the contacts she made and jobs she got. It seems like it was well worth the travel and I wish her the best of luck with the rest of the year. Although, I don't think she'll need it!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

IMC 2010 Final

Joan of Arc

This is the final for Joan of Arc created for IMC. Rebecca Guay runs the IMC and is submitting entries to Imagine FX for possible publication. Ten pieces will be chosen by the Imagine FX staff as to what will appear in the next issue. In a group of over 80 students and awesome work it's gonna be a tough call for judging!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Phillustrtion 2010!!

Illustration by Dominick and Design by Dominick and myself.

An overview of the front wall. That's Rich in the left corner.

Dom judging. This photo was taken by our good friend and fellow illustrator Glenn Zimmer. Thanks Glenn!

This is one of the interns at the Sketch Club and a participant of the show. Alicia Padron is also one of my students at Moore.

I am really behind in posts so please forgive me. These are some pics of the Phillustration Show drop off in May. Phillustration is held at the Philadelphia Sketch Club every year. It was started three years ago by Rich Harrington who is a colleague of mine in academia. Dominick won best of show the first year so he was asked to come back as a juror this time around. I was fortunate enough to be able to tag along and watch the progress of judging. Above are some photos of the process and the pre-set up. The show has been extended to July 16th so if your in Philly stop on by. You can get the Sketch Club's info here.

There are some really unbelievable pieces in this show. Some of the participants are Julie Bell, Boris Vallejo, Dave Palumbo, Matt Stewart and Eric Braddock. There are so many more terrific artists here so take advantage of the extended time slot!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

IMC Progress

This is my progress at IMC. It's the end of the 4th day (2am) and I'm beat. Many things to do and lectures to hear. I changed quite a bit to benefit the piece thanks to the crits of Greg, Julie, Boris, Scott, Irene and Dan. I did not intentionally eliminate some of the elements from my sketch....I just didn't get to them yet. Ready to sleep!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

IMC Joan Value Comp

Here is my value comp for Joan of Arc. Tomorrow I will be packing, cleaning, prepping for the dog sitter and running errands so this is pretty much it until my crit. I need to fill in the pattern on her skirt and the crosses on the sword but I figured I'd wait until my application of color.

On Saturday I get input from the big guys at IMC. I'll let you know who I have as my 2 critique instructors and what they recommend. Until then......

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

IMC 2010 - Line Drawing

This is my line drawing for IMC. I am going to be starting the value comp shortly. I'll post the progress and suggested changes in the upcoming week.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

IMC 2010 - Gearing Up

IMC is coming up next Friday! I'm very excited and a bit stressed. I have a lot to do before then including my sketch! This is my fantastical rendition of Joan of Arc. It's just a thumbnail so I will be shooting reference and drawing it out next week.

I'll update on the progress and the shenanigans at IMC! I'm looking forward to being encompassed in a studio of over 75 illustrators working until 3am and starting the day over again at 8am. It's an intense time but well worth the lack of zzzzz's. Dom and I will also be reconnecting with some folks from last year's IMC and members of Drawn Today's blog and podcast.

Drawing update next week. Stay tuned.