Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tomorrow, December 28th, is the last day to vote for the No Name Art Group Grant.  Take a minute and hop on by.  It won't take long at all, I promise.  You'll see that the image above is a bit different than my original entry.  Comment if you like one better than the other.


Monday, December 5, 2011

NoName Art Group Grant Competition

 (No Name) Art Group Grant Competition

(No Name) Art Group Wine Labels from October's fundraiser for Philabundance.

(No Name) Art Group has been mentioned before but it is well worth mentioning again.  This is an organization that was put together by designer/artist extrodinare, Sherry Berger.  Sherry puts a lot of time and effort in helping those who are most unfortunate.  She has traveled the world to assist in building orphanages in Africa to raising awareness in her own backyard for Philabundance.  She pulls from local artists willing to give some time and skill to help her raise money for those who need it most.

Currently she is sponsoring a grant for some of those artists.  There are currently six of us up for the grant however a little more money is needed to satisfy the grant requirement.  If you have an extra minute and extra $10 stop on by and chip in.

If you don't have the $10 but have the minute stop on by anyway and place a vote.  Although I want you to click my name...please click who you really want to win.

In addition, if you do come into some money No Name Art Group is always accepting donations as well as selling beautiful artworks from local artists.  Check out this link for more information on buying and donating.

Thanks for your time and please vote.