Saturday, June 13, 2009

Illustration Master Class

On Sunday we will be going to Amherst Massachusetts to participate in a week long illustration intensive featuring industry celebrities such as Rebecca Guay, Greg Manchess, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Dan DosSantos, Donato Giancola, Scott Fischer and Irene Gallo, art director from Tor Books. Jon Foster and Michael Wheelan will also be attending as special guests. This is a great opportunity to work in a studio environment with leaders in the industry critiquing and helping you with your work. About two months ago assignments were sent out for us to pick. We completed the sketches beforehand and will start off Monday with a crit. I chose a rendition of King Arthur's "Lady of the Lake". Above you will see my value sketch out of graphite. I scanned it in and worked the glows in photoshop and painter. I'll be sure to post my final when finished! I'm very excited!

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Cindy Ann Ganaden said...

It looks really great!! I love that her big toe is still touching the water and the delicate detail of the plant & fish life circling her as she rises. I can't wait to see the final!