Monday, August 10, 2009

Plein Air Excursion

Last week we went to Jersey and stood in the middle of tomato fields for the afternoon to do a little plein air painting. For those who are unfamiliar with the term plein air it basically means painting on location.

I started with a grey acrylic tone over gessoed wood panel. I then drew out the composition in raw umber oil with just gamsol as a medium. Then hit with color. I used alkyd white (for fast dry time), rose madder, cad yellow, raw umber, colbalt blue and sap green. It is quite liberating to only use a handful of colors instead of my normal assortment. Next time I'll switch up the colors for a different palette.


tlc illustration said...

Looks fabulous! One of those things I don't do hardly ever (and feel terribly guilty and like an artistic wannabe for neglecting...)

Christina Hess said...

Thanks Tara! It was only my 2nd time plein air painting. The first time was...well let's just say it was an experience!

Stephen said...

Beautiful and inspiring. In this work is all kinds of discovery and some of the most interesting is the unexpected finds within one's abilities. It's a constant evolution and challenging.I envy and respect those who can do this. Great Job!