Monday, June 28, 2010

Surtex 2010

Cindy Ann setting up her booth.

Side angle

Product corner...birdhouses!

In May Dominick and I traveled north to New York to assist our good friend Cindy Ann Ganaden set up her booth for the Surtex licensing show. While there, I planned to do some research in the market. Licensing is an area of illustration that I never really looked at. It is a very lucrative market and has a diverse amount of artwork that can be used on products from paper plates to curtains. This was a convention for artists to show their designs to companies who produce products. So think Target. A large portion of the art you see on gift, bath, bedding, baby products comes from freelance artists.

Cindy flew in from Oakland and carted all her materials with her. Printouts to wall fabric she decked out the booth with flip flops, binders and mobiles. To my surprise we were located catty corner to Megan Halsey. It was quite a wonderful experience and a great avenue of illustration to pursue.

Cindy recently contacted me to fill me in on some of the contacts she made and jobs she got. It seems like it was well worth the travel and I wish her the best of luck with the rest of the year. Although, I don't think she'll need it!

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