Monday, October 18, 2010

"Return to Happiness"

I have been super crazy busy this past month so I haven't been able to post. The good news is that I have a lot of content just very little time to showcase it!

GreenPrints hired me to create several illustrations for the upcoming winter issue. This one is a black and white interior for a love story entitled "Return to Happiness".


Sharoon said...

Wow, I really enjoy the composition everything bring you back to the couple. I'm also happy that Green prints is asking for back and white illustrations because I really love looking at them. I feel that tonal art is easier to respect since your mind and eyes are not too busy trying to take everything in.

Also the highlights and lowlights in the woman's hair are amazing.

Christina Hess said...

Thanks for your comments Sharoon!

Black and white artwork can be hard to come by but once in awhile there are some clients who need interior chapter openers and editorial clips done.

I really would like to finish this in color for myself but have a strain for time right now. Maybe in the nearby future!