Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Springtime for Illustrators

Once January disappears all sorts of things happen. Snow melts, birds chirp and illustrators start to come out of the studio and pop up in venues all around.

This spring I had the great fortune of having Matt Stewart visit the illustration department at Moore. My students and co-workers were elated to have him there and his presentation was truly inspiring. Among original oils he also brought in sketches and showed his process. He was a great inspiration to listen to and a super nice guy too!

Joe DeVito will be speaking in Doyelstown. He is an amazing person with a rich history in the industry. Among his numerous accomplishments you may know his illustration of Superman and Lois as Spectrum's logo. Oh, and he had a monster marathon party at Harryhausen's for cryling out loud! The man is insane awesome. Thanks to Glenn Zimmer for putting this together.
Among lectures and visits there are also gallery shows featuring stellar work. Gallery Provocateur in Chicago is featuring a collection of illustrators inspired by Frank Frazetta. Dominick Saponaro and some of the Drawn Today gang are involved. You may notice Dom's piece in this collection...wink, wink.

Since I'm on a roll........The University of the Arts in Philly will be showing Leo and Diane Dillon's work for a few months. You can check out the exact dates by visiting uarts.edu.

I will be traveling to the Society of Illustrators this week to see the Advertising and Institutional show as well. The fun never stops.


Kitt Evans said...

I still can't thank you enough for giving me the heads up on Matt Stewart's class at UArts. It is fantastic to get to work with him once a week. If I'm not mistaken, I believe Dominick is coming in to talk to us tomorrow.

Christina Hess said...

Not a problem Kitt! Dom's on a tight deadline and had to reschedule so it's going to be at a later date. I'll stop by as well. It's been a while since I've seen you.

Pat Achilles said...

Christina, thanks so much for posting the Joe DeVito event, we appreciate it greatly. Looks like there will be a roomful of talented people there, looking forward to meeting you!

Christina Hess said...

Hi Pat!

Unfortunately I will be unable to make the lecture. Hopefully we will be able to meet at another gathering. Enjoy!