Monday, June 13, 2011

King of Diamonds


I working on several deadlines right now but wanted to take a few hours to hash out something that has been in my mind. I wanted to create a spin off of my previous cat piece. I used Jennifer Oliver's Maine Coon cat, Oberon, for the subject. There is a lot that has to be worked out but it's a beginning. I'll revisit it again when I have more time. Until then I have some serious painting to do!


Sharoon said...

I would buy a pack of cat playing cards illustrated by you.

Pat Achilles said...

Tina, I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you Sunday at the Sketch Club - I thought I'd check out your blog & it's wonderful! Maybe you can get to one of our BCiS meetings soon, it would be great to chat. Cat Queen was beautiful in the show, congratulations! --

Christina Hess said...

Thank you Sharon! Maybe when I have more time I'll get that on the list;)

Pat, sorry I missed talking to you as well. There was a lot going on and I hope to attend BCiS meetings soon. Glenn keeps me informed of the dates. See you soon!