Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jamie of the Jungle and Big Cat Rescue

Jamie of the Jungle

This was a private commission I finished in July. I was contacted by the owner of Big Cat Rescue to illustrate a fantasy portrait of her daughter. It was a dream job involving a beautiful young woman, wild cats and a whole lot of creative freedom. The client gave me a lot of information and photos to use as inspiration and reference. The main goal was to create a fantasy portrait of Jamie accompanied by icons of her life. She is surrounded by wild cats that she has rescued, nursed and raised, orchids which she grows in her backyard and a swan staff which is her totem animal.

If you like wild cats, rescue stories and wine visit their site.....they now have bottles of wine for sale!


Piya said...

Christina, this came out beautifully!! Great job here!

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Christina, this turned out so wonderful. I'm sure they are thrilled with it. Great job!!

Amatheya said...

This is absolutely stunning!! Well done :)

Christina Hess said...

Thanks everyone. It was so fun to work on.

Teresa Dresden said...

This is gorgeous! Great job.

el perro de las lágrimas said...

Hey Christina!
You're a great artist!
I'll be your follower!