Monday, August 20, 2012

Last of Summer

"Last of Summer" GreenPrints Autumn Cover 2012

I have been so engrossed in creating sketches for "Animals" that I forgot to post my most recent work for GreenPrints!  This is a cover I did several weeks ago for the Autumn issue.  I enjoyed working on this painting and had a great time creating the indian corn and cabbage fingers.  Both items were the most time consuming but I feel it paid off in the long run.  

The issue has been released and I have started receiving emails from gardeners interested in prints.  I posted a mini print for the budget conscious on my etsy store and will be posting larger sizes in a day or so.  Enjoy the last of summer everyone!


roberto said...

Hi Christina. always, your work is a supreme level.
is a maximum pleasure to come to your blog to see them.

Christina Hess said...

Thanks so much Roberto. Your kind words mean a lot!