Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spectrum Live III

Next Friday begins the creative inspiration fest that is Spectrum Live III. If you can make it to Kansas City MO you'll find a plethora of over 200 wonderful artists and their wares...not to mention world famous BBQ and mechanical bulls.  I mean seriously. You can't go wrong.  Here's the link to the convention.  It's only May 9-11!

"Distelfink Girl" 8"x8" oil and gold leaf on cradeled masonite

My booth number is 602 / 703 so stop on by and say hello!  In addition to numerous 11x14 prints priced lower than my normal $25 etsy prices, low cost drawings, studies and mini paintings I will also be selling six framed oil paintings, three of which are from my "Animals From History" book.  

Cleo is 11x14 oil and leafing on masonite

I realize that I haven't posted in a good long while so the Animals From History journey might be new to you.  I'll build a little anticipation and save that story for a later post.  All I'm saying right now is I'm working with a literary agent and I'm thinking podcasts for the fall.  Chew on that for awhile!

The Fitzgeralds are 16x20 with a big silver leafed frame (not shown).  
Oils, acrylics, leafing and collage.

Oh, but that's not all!!

 Napoleon Boneaparte gracing the cover of my 
Animals From History teaser booklet

I'll also have this little number featuring 10 of my animals along with brief teaser stories. These are only $5.00 and I have a limited supply so be sure to get them while they are hot!  I will not be reprinting or selling them anywhere else so it's a Spectrum only thing.

A little Blue Suade Paws perhaps....

Or a saucy little feline queen?  

Ok. So you have read this far which is only one reason as to why you are fabulous.  Because you have dragged yourself through my rambling I'm going to offer you a deal. If you want to buy a print  from me at Spectrum I'll give you $5.00 off but it comes with a catch. When your ready to cash out with me say the phrase "Napoleon Boneaparte is a sassy mongrel."  If you want to switch out the last word to spice up the moment, knock yourself out. 

M.L. Jobs looking annoyed....and super shiny.  11x14 oils.

But remember.....his name is pronounced BONE-a-part.  

See you in Kansas City!!

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