Saturday, October 10, 2009

Painting Demo

This is a demo I did for my class at the University of the Arts. The class is based on the techniques of Corel Painter...a digital program that mimics traditional medium. I used an image of one of my mom's irises and painted it using the the oil brushes. No matter if you choose to paint digitally or traditionally you have to understand drawing, composition, color and value. The computer will not magically make everything beautiful which is a common misconception when considering digital work.


david puerta said...

Ei! I remember that one! I still can't believe you did that one in less than 3 hours while helping everyone.
I totally love your work, the use of colour and composition its stunning.
Im definitly follow your blog.


Christina Hess said...

Thanks for following David! I'll see you this weekend in class for some more digital painting fun!!