Friday, June 22, 2012

Kickstart Me!

While I paint I often listen to a diverse collection of audio.  One of my favorite ear candies was a documentary called "America - The Story of Us".  The premise of this documentary was how the country began and the driving force behind it's inhabitants.  As I listened and painted I often found myself thinking how I could be one who took matters into my own hands to make things happen.  The current trend of the digital publishing industry is still in it's development stages.  Is it possible to be some sort of pioneer in these days of publishing?  I think it might be possible whether it's focus is content, production or marketing.  Which leads me to my latest conquest.

"Animals of History" will be an ebook and if the tide turns my way with Kickstarter it will become a hard copy as well.  I'm getting people involved by inviting their own animals into the book.  What a great way to satisfy the consumers AND research what turns people on in this day and age of publishing.  I see "Do it Yourself" projects are booming.  They can pinpoint small markets without the overhead of a big business and they can get their consumers involved.

Personally, I'm crazy about my dog.  I was always an animal lover growing up.  But other than my mom and myself I didn't see this type of love, so I always considered myself alone.  That was until I created an illustration that erupted a collective voice of animal lovers.  The target market of "those who love animals" is a whole lot stronger than I ever anticipated.  Take a hint....right?

When the wind shifts you can catch it or get blown away.  I'm setting my sail and now let's see where it will take me.

Please share my Kickstarter with those who love animals!

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More information on my kickstarter in the next post.  Thanks so much for reading down this far!

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