Tuesday, June 26, 2012

(no name) Art Group Feature Artist

I just got word from (no name) that my article featuring my trip to Spectrum Live is now up and running on their site.  In addition I was also named feature artist!

(no name) Art Group is an organization based in Philadelphia which focuses on helping those in need.  It's an amazing community that I have had the privilege to grow with for several years now.  Last fall they ran a competition for a grant.  I was lucky enough win the grant and use the funds to prep for Spectrum Live.  For more about it click HERE.

Thanks to all who support (no name) Art Group.  In a few months the group will be funding a wine label competition to raise money for a charity.  Check back to the group's blog to see how you can purchase some delish local wine AND rockin' labels.

Please visit and share my kickstarter with your ebook lovin' friends!

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