Thursday, January 14, 2010

I am Such a Liar

Corel Painter Class Demo

So I said it would be 7 straight days of posts. But I've missed the last two days. There is an explanation....I promise!! Long story short....deadline & New York Society of Illustrators trip. But by the 7th day I will have 7 posts. Even if I have to double up posts on one day....which I plan to do now.

First I'm starting with a small Painter study I did for my Saturday class in December. It's a bit out of season and I met to get this posted before the holiday but didn't get a chance to. It was a quick demo on reflected surfaces. It's not as shiny as many glass ornaments due to the burnished finish. I also have some big beautiful Christmas lights that I want to paint to practice illumination and colored light. Baby steps.

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Lisandro said...

nice! always good to practice subtle tonal/color changes..