Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spectrum Live! - The Aftermath

My studio is a wreck.  However, for a good reason!  I unloaded my leftovers from Spectrum Live! and have dove into two projects that I had waiting for me.  Cleaning will come later... and by the unfortunate state of our house you would see I say that a lot.  I'm also setting up a kickstarter within the month so keep your eyes peeled!

Spectrum Live! is the first convention I participated in.  It was chalk full of fantastic artists and wonderful people.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and am glad that I over prepped with product.  Knowing I was entering the mid-west as well as "Hallmark" country I prepared with that in mind.

I was fortunate to have some great company in my surrounding booths.  And with the closing of the convention managed to factor in some print trades!  I only wish I had enough money to buy many other artist's goods.  There were gads of unbelievable artists in attendance.  I was across from the awesome Pixar artist Armand Baltazar and next to pen master Russell Dickerson.  Star Wars concept artist Iain McCaig was right behind me as well.  They were great neighbors and hope to see them again next year! 

I sold my wooden boxes, some earrings, prints, drawings and some journals.  But most importantly I met some terrific people and reconnected with fellow artists.

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