Monday, May 14, 2012

Spectrum Live! - Dominick Saponaro, The Sequel


Dom has a great way of handling adventure within his work.  The color is always powerful and the composition dynamic.  Above is a promo piece he created.  If you click here you will see a much better online version of the piece.  Also, take notice to the numbers on the front of the train....that's my birthday!

Maid of Orleans 

This is a close up of his Maid of Orleans piece featuring the beautiful Cheryl Carson Truyols.  This will be framed and on display as well.

 Destroyermen II

This one is the second painting for the Science Fiction Book Club in the Destroyermen series.

This would be his signature 

He is very meticulous...even down to how he presents his name.

Dom's print rack with rad 80's venetian blind lighting

Many of his prints are available through his etsy store or directly on his website store.  You'll see above next to the first Destroyermen cover is a portrait of Abe Lincoln.  This one is very popular on his store.  Click here to get a better view!

Come visit Dominick at Spectrum Live! - Booth 706

Tomorrow - Luna Moth!

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