Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spectrum Live! - Homemade Sketch Journals

I've been teaching undergrad illustration for over 10 years and believe that I learn as much from my students as they learn from me.  This past year I had the pleasure of instructing numerous aspiring illustrators at Pennsylvania College of A&D, Moore College of A&D and the University of the Arts.  Inspiration and research gained by all colleges assisted in the creation of these journals for Spectrum Live!

Last semester at PCAD Mike Fink and I taught a Materials and Techniques class together.  We had Anna Fox Ryan come in from Strathmore to present materials to our classes.  In the end the students and faculty recieved some fantastic samples.  

Simultaneously at of my senior illustrators, Lisa Suszek, was talking to me about designing her senior thesis around the stationary and giftware market.  Her idea was to create homemade boxes and journals to display her patterns.  What a great idea!  So, like any curious teacher-student, I asked how she would go about doing this.  She gave me a very helpful tutorial which I intently listened to.

But of course, like any busy freelancer-instructor, I forgot the name of the glue.  So in the spring at Uarts I asked Rosae Reeder, Bookmaker, PAFA instructor and Uarts Illustration department guru, what the name of that glue might be.  PVA.  Three simple letters.

And so there I went.  Printing out my illustrations on archival paper.  Cutting down Strathmore samples for quality innards.  And diving into my old supply of organic papers that I use to use for my traditional collage work.

After assembly I then wrote my web address on the back of each journal.

And attached a piece (or pieces) of paper with the name of the Strathmore paper.  So now I have numerous journals with mixed sketch papers, 140 lb watercolor papers, canson pastel and charcoal papers and 400 and 500 series Bristol.  Not to mention a very messy studio.

Tomorrow... Framed Collage Original!

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