Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spectrum Live! - Dominick Saponaro

Positioned in the front left quarter of the convention hall in booth 706 Dominick Saponaro, my significant other, will be gracing Spectrum Live with his adventuress and swashbuckling illustrations.  As you see above his banner features a new painting he recently completed.

Dom will be selling 17"x22" prints of several pieces.  The stack above is currently being guarded by our muse and fur child, Roscoe.  Each print is backed with foam core and packaged in a reclosable bag.

Here you see a print of his Destroyermen Cover that was created for the Science Fiction Book Club.  Tomorrow I will post some of the framed images he will have on display.  I recommend visiting his website and blog to get a better glimpse of his work.  Just click here and it will take you directly to his gallery!

Visit Dom at Spectrum Live! - Booth 706

Tomorrow - Dominick Saponaro, The Sequel


The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Christina, I am so impressed with all of your beautiful artistic offerings...especially those boxes! I know you and Dom are going to do well. How I wish I could be there. Perhaps next year?? I wish the two of you all the best.

Nicole Tamarin said...

Hi Christina! I'll be thinking good thoughts for you guys!!! So exciting, I'll be at my very first Surtex the same weekend. Your jewelry came out wonderful! I'm starting to see a trend of insect jewelry so your are right in line with that! Best of Luck to you both!

Christina Hess said...

Kim, thanks so much. I wish we could see you this year but if all goes well it's a definite for next year! You should exhibit next year yourself. Your work is stunning!

Nicole, thanks for the good thoughts! Good luck this weekend at Surtex. If you get a chance to stop by Cindy Ann Ganaden's and Megan Halsey's booths tell them I said hi! Your going to do wonderfully!