Monday, July 16, 2012

Five Days to Go!

Everett and Anna Fitzgerald
Star Crossed Lovers from the San Diego Zoo

Snow leopards are truly majestic creatures.  They are solitary cats that rarely live together so when the San Diego Zoo paired Everett and Anna they had their fingers crossed that they would get along and mate.  It was a amazing.  The two not only loved one another but they were almost inseparable.  They would get nervous when parted.  They even ate together in harmony which is a rarity.  

The good news was they were mating.  The bad news was the Everett could not conceive.  

They were separated and a new male was put in Everett's place.  

F Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald were a couple very much in love and very much plagued by turmoil.  Considering F. Scott used his life as a base for his famous novel "The Great Gatsby", among other works, I thought this was a fair parallel in historical couples.  

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