Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nine Days to Go!

For the next few days I will be offering incentives for my kickstarter project.  Right now I'm 65% funded and hope to get full funding with in the 9 day time frame.  So back my project if you love animals!  Even if it's a buck or two.  Every dollar counts.  Below are two incentives that I posted today.  Frida Kalhocelot went within 10 minutes of posting so I drew another.  If you are the first to pledge 250 or more you get the Rufus and Skip Wright sketch in addition to your rewards!

Happy pledging and help spread the word by sharing on Facebook!

 Frida Kalhocelot
I used Amazing Grace from Big Cat Rescue as inspiration for Frida

The Wright Brothers - Rufus and Skip
I used Rufus and Skip from Big Cat Rescue as inspiration for the Wright Brothers

Please visit and share my kickstarter with your ebook lovin' friends!

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