Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Four Days to Go!

Four more days to go on my kickstarter campaign.  Please consider pledging and sharing the project.  For $15 you will receive the ebook, $20 a post card pack, $35 both ebook and post card pack.  Pledge higher for your choice of pet/animal as a historical figure along with the original painting or drawing!

This next incentive for anyone who pledges $250 or over will be first come first serve.  Mary Shelley as a skunk.  I find skunks to be beautiful creatures.  Except when they would spray my dogs!  Anyway, the black and white fur markings remind me of the bride of Frankenstein.  Hence, Mary as a skunk.

Be the first to pledge 250 or over and choose from any one of my incentives.  Visit the updates section of my kickstarter to pick your sketch, Mary Shelley included.

Please visit and share my kickstarter with your ebook lovin' friends!

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